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About Me

Better journalism, in our own way

Good journalism is scarce in our day, on the one hand due to the impact of digital technologies, and on the other the global impact of social networks. Everyone is able to communicate news, take pictures and record video from their mobile phone, and just as printed newspapers are about to disappear; now traditional television recedes before the millions of youtube channels that exist and are born daily. At Shalom Aleijem Channel we focus on good journalism, not subscribers or views, and that's why we do it in our own way. Classical Strings 

Urbis et Libris

Shalom Aleijem Channel promotes the return of Hispanics to our Hebrew roots, which is why each of our programs is directed towards this goal. "On the Way of the Torah"; written and conducted by Angel Cristobal, "Parnasa Espiritual" and "Friends of Israel", written and conducted by the journalist Felicia Jiménez, "Urbis et Libris", presented by the journalist and writer Angel Cristobal, and "The Exciting World of the Bible", narrated from Caracas, Venezuela, by the theologian Nancy Dalila. All above under the direction and edition of Angel Cristobal García, creator and founder of On the Way of Torah

Staff Five Stars

Our staff have solid experience and qualifications in journalism, publishing and editing, drawing on their extensive knowledge and skills to create incredible, highly modern video content for our users. Felicia Jimenez is a long-running journalist and writer, who has published books such as The Kabbalah and the Red Tread. Writes and hosts several of our programms on Shalom Aleijem Channel. Stay tuned Parnasa Espiritual 


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